Effectively Scale Your Black Friday Efforts

Next to Black Friday, THE day for eCommerce businesses, there are plenty other peak seasons to make use of. It doesn’t matter whether you need to optimize your ads, find the right strategy to address different customer segments or properly prepare for technical issues.

Talk to our eCommerce-experts. We’re providing you with all the tips and tricks to not only take advantage of Black Friday, but also outperform your competition throughout the year.

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Here are your key takeaways

Black Friday in a nutshell

What phases promise the best turnover? When’s the best time to acquire new customers? Get to know the bits and pieces for successful campaigning around Black Friday.

Creatives strategy

Search, social & display ads – let our experts help you to optimize your entire funnel.
We all want more for our money. That doesn’t stop when buying for business purposes. Our full-funnel-approach allows your team to maintain a healthy mixture of all disciplines.

CRM strategy

Especially during critical phases, customer loyalty is of major importance. Around 70% of customers switch providers when facing technical issues or sold-out products. Approaching customer segments individually can help to not only keep but also further expand your customer’s loyalty.

Execution strategy

Minimize risks by taking care of bugs before they can occur. Learn everything about the five essentials für your November Success and receive a Project Management Template on top!
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