Fli Papigu Brand Launch with 360° Distribution Service to Focus 100% on Brand Development

Did launching a new brand and hitting the first revenue million after only four months come unexpectedly to Fli Papigu? Not exactly. From the beginning, the visionary fashion label followed an ambitious digital growth strategy. Therefore, Fli Papigu chose an all-in-one SCAYLE Commerce Engine setup with a fully integrated distribution model, including marketing and operations management.
SCAYLE | Case Study: Fli Papigu


A New Generation of Online Retail

The creators of trend fashion brand Naketano are back with a cool new streetwear label: Fli Papigu. The label pursues a social business model and commits to resource-friendly, high-quality but affordable fashion. In May 2021, Fli Papigu launched its own DACH online shops and also accessed four marketplaces: Amazon, Otto, Zalando, and ABOUT YOU.

Knowing that scaling a brand is never by mere chance, Fli Papigu decided to focus on their biggest strength: creating a strong brand with a stunning assortment. Yet, Fli Papigu did not want to compromise their user experience or growth strategy with limited tech or operational resources. Thus, Fli Papigu needed a strong partner providing an all-in-one platform with additional marketing and operations services.


Starting as a New Brand with Expert Benchmarks

Launching a new brand in a highly competitive market always poses the same challenges: lack of resources, lack of experience in some fields, and lack of data – a worst-case scenario for any ambitious growth strategy. Therefore, Fli Papigu decided to extend our growth-enabling Commerce Suite with our 360° Managed Services. This way, Fli Papigu benefits from all the know-how we accumulated in various growth scenarios, e.g., to scale customer acquisition and CRM to drive frequency and customer profitability. In addition, the brand makes use of our white-label checkout and transparent carrier integration with reliable delivery forecasts and Track & Trace. Fli Papigu also takes advantage of our dedicated, brand-specific customer service. Our marketplace management massively increases the brand’s reach and is boosted with additional onsite marketing. Thus, Fli Papigu was able to attract attention in the fashion market and an impressive revenue of one million euros in four months.


Challenge Accepted

Setting up an all-inclusive e-commerce system integrating all tech and operation components posed the following challenges:

  1. Creating an all-encompassing brand experience along the whole customer journey
  2. Generating broad and effective marketing reach
  3. Integrating four marketplaces each with its own requirements


Best-Practice Solution

Are you curious how we did it? What were the requirements? And what are the next steps? Download the entire case to find out!


Fast Results

Fli Papigu launched four online shops with full-service distribution models in less than six months.

1M revenue

>4.6M touchpoints

>1M story views

32K outbound shipments

Fli Papigu launched four online shops with full-service distribution models in less than six months. We completely localized the shopping experience for customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – the latter in German and French. The platform is easily scalable and features a seamless brand experience all across the customer journey for different devices and touchpoints. As planned, Fli Papigu was able to focus on assortment creation and brand development. Within merely four months, the fashion label introduced four whole collections – with another four already in production.

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