How The Founded Rolled out 19 Countries in Three Months – and Continues to Expand

What do you do when you have a well-known brand portfolio but start with a whole new platform? Scale big! The Founded only needed the right partner with a best-of-class technical and operative solution to pull it off. In three months the new platform went live in 19 countries. By now, key markets deliver more than 200% return on marketing invest. Moreover, The Founded achieved a staggering month-on-month revenue growth of up to 80%.
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Industry: Fashion

Use case: Technologie, Marketing und Operations

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Emerging New Platform

The Founded launched 2021 as a new multi-brand platform. It is part of the British Heartland Group and sets out as an exciting new addition to the fashion market with a strong portfolio including brands like Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Only, and Junarose. It currently has more than 40 brands for menswear, womenswear, and kidswear with an assortment of more than 10,000 products.

The new shop aims to boost its potential with a curated fashion experience and a dedicated community approach. Quick internationalization with a personalized, local brand feel extends The Founded’s digital strategy and sets its growth pace across Europe in 19 countries.


Internationalization at the Core of E-Commerce Growth

Even though The Founded is a new player on the market, the fashion retailer wanted to set high benchmarks right from the start. The goals: fast market entries, broad reach, and sustainable customer acquisition. Therefore, The Founded opted for combining our easily extendable ecosystem with our expert-driven 360° service model. This way, The Founded could integrate ABOUT YOU best practices, established from first-hand experiences, e.g., steering influencer campaigns.

In addition, The Founded uses existing customer service and fulfillment structures to deliver a localized, branded, and dedicated shopping experience. Since our back end is optimized for internationalization, we could easily adapt each shop to local preferences, e.g., with native languages, country-specific carriers and payment.

We even adjust local product sorting based on different search behaviors. Furthermore, an implementation connects The Founded’s inventory to ABOUT YOU marketplaces in 26 countries, significantly increasing the stock turn. Pairing growth accelerators enabled The Founded to scale quickly with exciting results…


Challenge Accepted

Setting up a customized international platform for The Founded posed the following challenges:

  1. Realizing fast market launches
  2. Implementing country-specific and customer-centric modifications
  3. Establishing efficient marketing routines


Best-Practice Solution

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Fast Results

The Founded went live in 19 countries on schedule – within just three months.

>80% MoM revenue growth

>200% return on marketing invest

>80% customer satisfaction

>45% revenue share outside DACH

We created an easily scalable platform with personalized features empowering The Founded to set a pace of up to 80% month-on-month revenue growth. Instead of the usual challenges upon market entry, The Founded benefits from providing a branded and smooth shopping experience for online shops, mobile, checkout, delivery, and customer service.

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