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Fast APIs, extensive SDKs, and integrated third-party services – build your unique front ends on our headless back-end architecture. Your touchpoints. Your control. Our support.

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Whatever your B2C use case is – build front ends without limits.

Inspire and guide your customers while optimising conversion rates, e.g., with singular front ends for different touchpoints.

Whatever products you offer – make them attractive.

Offer compelling product discoveries – no matter how complex an item is. Make sure your products get the attention they deserve.

Whatever feature you might need – just integrate it.

Enhance your shopping experience by connecting any third-party service you need: Size finder? Booking system? You want it? You can integrate it.

Whenever your customers buy – increase their basket size.

Exploit your full cross-selling potential and likewise increase your upselling rate by providing additional benefits to your customers.

Wherever your customers are – make them feel at home.

Create one holistic, strong customer journey including even highly diverse product types. Make shopping genuinely seamless.
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Kickstart your front end project with our Storefront Core framework

  • Superfast Rendering

    Accelerated page speeds due to client- and server-side rendering.

  • Carefree Package

    Ready-to-use integration with our Storefront API and Checkout module.

  • Fuss-Free Expansion

    Broad component library and integration with third-party headless CMS.

  • Complete Freedom

    Control all aspects and flexibly adjust your front end however you need it.

Meet our powerful ready-to-use Storefront Core components

Basket & Wishlist

Navigation & Filter

Buybox & Product Info

Video & Image

Slider & Carousel


Lookbook Bundle

Landing Page

Service Page

Detail Page

Listing Page

URL Configuration

SEO Settings


CMS Integration

+ more

Suited for leading front end platforms

Our Storefront Core is a great way to showcase your products fast. If you need more specialised services, use our integrations with leading FEaaS providers.

  • Multi-device optimised
  • Lightning-fast performance
  • PWA features
  • Native mobile setup
  • Additional admin GUI
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SCAYLED back end. SCAYLED front end.

Build your ideal customer experience on an optimised foundation.

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