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SCAYLE Black Friday

Turn peak seasons
from stress into

Did Black Friday leave you questioning your strategy? Maybe those ad placements were money down the drain. Maybe you were flooded with complaints because you ran out of stock or had technical issues. But peak seasons don’t have to be all pain and no gain. Now is the best time to set yourself up right and get ahead of your competitors.

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The key ingredients to mastering peak seasons


Handle extreme workloads with a scalable infrastructure

With SCAYLE’s B2C enterprise shop system, you enjoy maximum flexibility. Headless and API-first, you benefit from extensive built-in features, including PIM, shop management, checkout, and OMS. SCAYLE is designed for growth. So you can be ready for volume boosts during peak times.

SCAYLE Black Friday Retail DNA

Rely on the proven method of an industry leader

Get in on the mechanics of one of Europe’s biggest online fashion stores. ABOUT YOU has grown to 5 billion € in just 9 years. With SCAYLE, you can apply the tried-and-tested formula of ABOUT YOU’s success and drive growth in your B2C business.

SCAYLE Black Friday eCom Partnership

Your eCom sparring partner with 24/7 support

Partner with an expert with years of operational experience. More than just software, with SCAYLE you’ll enjoy round the clock business and tech support. Get consulting from holistic eCom experts and join SCAYLE’s customer network to benefit from regular exchange.

SCAYLE Black Friday Cover Sheet

Learn how to set yourself up right for the next peak season

Find out about the key issues you need to watch out for and get actionable advice on:

  • What to focus on to boost performance.
  • How to raise the ROI on your campaigns.
  • How to manage the risk of technical issues.
  • Dealing with difficult economic situations.

The secret to outperforming Black Friday expectations

If you want to take full advantage of peak seasons like Black Friday, you don’t need just another tech provider. You need state-of-the-art shop technology combined with real-life retail experience. You need a partner who understands the ins and outs of digital commerce at every step of the customer journey.

Let the experts behind one of Europe’s largest online fashion stores help you grow your B2C business. SCAYLE was born out of the DNA of ABOUT YOU. It’s the engine that has been powering their fast-paced expansion. And you can use the same strategy to meet the demands of modern eCommerce.

Whether you want to optimize your marketing, set up a reliable order management system, or minimize the risk of technical issues — with SCAYLE you’ll get all the tools you need to outperform your expectations. And your competitors.

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