Influencer Marketing at Its Best

Create major impact on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube with international social media content creators. Our database with more than 20,000 influencers allows us to set up the most effective campaigns for your brand. As we already have contracts with more than 3,000 influencers, our customers benefit from faster campaign rollouts and better terms.

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Marketing | Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing pioneer

Creative campaigns from the start.

All influencer marketing strategies we thrive on today were originally developed for ABOUT YOU. Influencer marketing had a significant impact on international growth and revenue – and still has. Now, we share our insights and experience with our customers.

Marketing | Influencer Marketing: Creative Campaigns

Influencer marketing step by step and all-inclusive

Marketing | Influencer Marketing: Finding The Right Fit For Your Brand


  • Brand fit, image & content
  • Reach: follower & story views
  • Insights: age, gender, location, past performance
Marketing | Influencer Marketing: Contact & Acquisition


  • Contact request via mail
  • Campaign briefing for each cooperation individually
  • Offer & negotiations based on performance
Marketing | Influencer Marketing: Campaign Management

Campaign Management

  • Extended briefing, order processing, and date selection
  • Tracking setup via codes
  • Post-processing & billing
Marketing | Influencer Marketing: Tracking & Evaluation

Tracking & Evaluation

  • Monitoring & insight generation
  • Performance tracking KPIs & qualitative analysis
  • Iterative testing

revenue uplift by rolling out influencer marketing

"Influencer marketing was a cornerstone of ABOUT YOU’s fast and sustainable growth – particularly internationally. We strongly believe it’s one of the most effective ways to scale your brand."

Tarek Müller, CEO, ABOUT YOU

International influencer marketing

The Founded decided to launch marketing activities in ten countries with us. We combined trust-building and direct revenue generation to spark engagement with more than 400 local influencer cooperations. Up to 20% of monthly revenues were driven by influencer hauls.

"SCAYLE enhances our growth pace as a brand. Internationally and perfectly tailored to our target group."
Dalbir Bains, Managing Director, Braveheart

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Marketing | Influencer Marketing Use Case: THE FOUNDED

SCAYLE it like a local – with local content creators

Inspire and sell with trusted local social media influencers.

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