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Our advanced steering model is designed to provide a threefold profit return on marketing spend with reliable touchpoint attribution and in-depth analytics. ABOUT YOU profits from it every day. And so can you.

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Touchpoint impact on revenue

What your attribution model can do for you.

Last-click model

The easy way.

Going with the last-click attribution model is an easy way to link orders with channel-specific revenue contributions. Orders are attributed 100% to the last customer touchpoint. But this standard model does not reflect the standard customer journey of awareness, interest, desire, and growth – each with its own touchpoints. You’ll never know which touchpoint was actually your biggest revenue driver.

Bathtub model

One step further.

The u-shaped or “bathtub” model credits the first and last touchpoint with a higher attribution percentage and equally assigns the rest to other involved touchpoints. Some touchpoints might even be excluded completely, e.g., certain affiliate referrals. Still, assigning attribution percentages is highly subjective. This lack of reliability can largely influence your ability and speed to grow your marketing profitably.

Rule-based model

The next level.

Increasing your marketing ROI will only be truly effective when you prioritize marketing channels that lead to touchpoints with relevant interactions. That’s why our rule-based algorithm identifies key drivers generating online orders, e.g., add-to-basket or add-to-wishlist sessions, newsletter signups, account registration, time on site, and many more. While target groups, channels, and strategy might vary, our model is applicable to any industry.
Marketing marketing analytics standard model 2x
Marketing marketing analytics bathtub model 2x
Marketing marketing analytics rule based model 2x 1

Our key performance criteria

New Customers

The share and amount of new customers each with its own CLV.

Contribution Margin

The relative profitability of an order after your variable costs.

Customer Lifetime Value

The CLV is based on behavioral context and defines customer lifetime net profitability.

Minimum Contribution Threshold

The threshold contribution after marketing cost that needs to be considered.

Return on Investment

The digital ROI is defined by customer lifetime value and acquisition cost to enable growth.

Net Promoter Score

Customer satisfaction evaluation based on the NPS 1-10 score.

Comprehensive dashboard reporting

  • Frequent Reports

    We routinely provide in-depth reports keeping you up to date.

  • Tailored Analysis

    We match our reporting to your specific needs and business targets.

  • Performance Transparency

    We provide straightforward performance reports within the big picture.

Your ROI just got SCAYLED!

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