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Multiply your marketing results with the experience we gained when scaling ABOUT YOU. Whether data-driven performance marketing or mature influencer campaigns – our experts help you increase your marketing ROI while you can focus on your branding activities.

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Marketing landing page stage

3x average increase in marketing ROI vs. before

>50% AOV growth with our marketing

26 countries with local marketing managers

>10k influencers in our database

Breaking with the standard

Your direct contact to award-winning marketing expertise.

Get serious about scaling your marketing KPIs with proven steering methods and optimised algorithms. The team that scaled ABOUT YOU’s marketing ROI will help you scale yours – fully transparent and integrated into your strategy.

Marketing Team

Expert-driven & optimised daily

Marketing analytics & attribution


Attribution Model

We identify how each channel contributes to any given order and measure the impact on customer acquisition and lifetime value.


Budget Allocation

We allocate your marketing budget based on customer lifetime value, break-even targets, and channel attribution share.


Customer Value

We determine a customer value for each customer based on purchasing behaviour and an exactly matching customer in our database.

Digital channel marketing

Be where your customers are.

Which channel will increase your profit? Which will generate more revenue? Whatever your goal is – we know where to find the right customers and how to address them. We allocate online marketing budgets to your best-performing channels and steer it towards your targets.

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Marketing digital channe management

Influencer marketing

Increase your revenue with authentic stories.

  • Marketing>10,000 influencer strong proprietary database
  • MarketingExtensive influencer insights with dedicated KPIs
  • MarketingBetter influencer terms due to > 3,000 fixed contracts
  • MarketingVast experience with influencer campaigns
  • MarketingResearch, campaign management, and tracking

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Marketing landing page hauls

Automated CRM

Automate your customer relationship management.

Retargeting, order confirmations, or after-sale communication – our smart and automated processes along the entire customer journey can significantly reduce customer churn, increase engagement, and overall profitability. All workflows are based on our experience with ABOUT YOU.

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Marketing landing page automated CRM Copy 2x

Marketing at SCAYLE


Generate more than 3x return on your marketing invest.


Work with a performance marketing team that is committed to your success.


Benefit from our 10K+ European influencers database with trusted insights.


Reduce complexity for your business and focus on what differentiates you.

Massive data? SCAYLE your insights.

Achieve your full potential with optimised steering and automated processes.

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