Marketplace Management Expertise

Let’s get you into marketplaces with significant impact right from the start! We not only have vast experience with the ABOUT YOU marketplace but also various other models. We optimize your marketplace business to generate incremental revenue.

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Boosting your marketplace business

Best assortment? Best pricings? We’ll implement with you proven strategies to match your targets.

  • In-depth need analysis and business planning
  • Services tailored to your specific needs
  • Fast implementation with out of the box

Amplify your revenue

Leverage standardized APIs to all major platforms.

Connecting to marketplaces offers an easy way to massively increase customer access. We take care of your marketplace operations based on a full-service approach and manage your marketplace business to maximum success.

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Customizing the standard

Assortments and pricing as key to your success.

We define assortment and price strategy for each platform, monitor live product statuses, and review sales KPIs to adjust product selections. Your marketplaces are optimized for profit contribution margin.

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Your marketplace professionals

A dedicated team will help you scale your marketplace activities.

Learn from and work with the best. Our marketplace teams are highly experienced in trading on international platforms and have excellent relations with integrators and marketplaces. Their solution-oriented mindset helps them maximize our partner’s outcome.


Massive reach with four marketplaces

Our customer Fli Papigu connected to four marketplaces: Otto, Zalando, Amazon, and ABOUT YOU. With SCAYLE, Fli Papigu was immediately available in 26 countries. Our expert-driven operations took care of assortments, pricings, and strategy refinement to generate fast brand awareness for the new brand on all platforms.

"As a new brand on the market, we benefit from SCAYLE's technology, its digital distribution competence, and its operational expertise. This allows us to focus entirely on our product assortment."

Jure Perko, Founder, Fli Papigu

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