True Omnichannel Experiences

Create seamless omnichannel commerce, smoothly connecting your online and offline activities across devices, stores, and countries. Maximum flexibility with just one platform.

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Offline. Online. One brand experience.

Create a unique experience for all channels and connect third-party tools, e.g., a POS app.

  • refine and allocate products
  • inventory and warehousing
  • shipping and fulfillment
  • orders and returns
  • reservations, pick-ups and more
Technology | Omnichannel Capabilities

Unleash the power of your stores

Click & Collect | Click & Reserve

Allow customers to order online or make reservations for offline pick-up and increase the appeal of your local stores. Enrich your online assortment with offline highlights.

Ship from your store

Enable store staff to fulfill orders from your store stock,e.g., to offer otherwise out-of-stock sizes.

Order on behalf

Empower your staff to spark sales by placing online orders on behalf of your customers right in your store and allowing customers to pay right away.

In-store returns

Offer customers to return online orders in your store. Refund with vouchers or the used payment method.

Make your omnichannel convenient

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    Store Finder

    Let customers choose the most convenient pick-up store for their online orders as part of their checkout. Provide additional store information like opening hours.

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    Distributed Order Routing

    Orders can be routed to stores or closest warehouses to ensure short delivery times. Customers are automatically updated on their deliveries.

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    Store Fulfillment App

    Orders are practically accessible in a native app. This way, your store staff can fulfill orders hassle-free and with all information they need at hand.

Making online feel like offline

Changing customer channels and behaviors are a huge challenge for any retailer. Our customer Depot wanted to take its strategy to the next level with a harmonized brand experience all across the customer journey - and achieved a 50% increase in revenue.

"Our customers seek a unique yet comfortable environment – and we don't want to provide them with anything less but that. SCAYLE allows us to guide them through an optimized cross-channel experience within a seamless ecosystem."

Marcel Thiesies, Head of Digital, Gries Deco Company

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Technology | Omnichannel Capabilities: SCAYLE Customer DEPOT

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