Reach Further by Taking It Easy

Provide sophisticated services while reducing costs. Impossible? Not for us. Reach further with international fulfillment, localized customer service, optimized marketplace, and shop management – our services are already SCAYLED and you can directly benefit from existing synergies.

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100+ countries for international fulfillment

45M units inbounded per year

up to 500k items fulfilled per day

25+ languages for customer support

International fulfillment

We are already where you need to ship.

We ship to more than 100 markets and process customer returns. Handling more than six billion euros in B2C transactional volume already allows us to pass on significant cost advantages to our customers.

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Operations | International Fulfillment

Customer service

Our service agents. Your local experience.

We provide the native language customer support you need – in more than 25 languages. All services are tailored to your brand and include dedicated monitoring support. Phone, mail, or chat – we take care of your service requests.

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Operations | Customer Service

Marketplace management

Steadily increase your marketplace revenue.

As we are part of ABOUT YOU, we have vast experience on how to work best with marketplace models. We advise you on assortment and pricing strategy with the joint objective to realize incremental revenue.

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Operations | Marketplace Management

Shop management

Taking care of your shop – like it’s ours.

We manage your day-to-day shop operations so you can focus on what really differentiates your business. Our eCommerce professionals set up your shops, adjust and translate product data, and even run your photo productions. Whatever you need, consider it done.

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Operations | Shop Management

"We aim to offer the best possible shopping experience to our fans around the world on all our channels. For this, SCAYLE and ABOUT YOU are the best partners since they successfully prove their expertise every single day"


Peter Romics, Director Merchandising & Licencing, FC Bayern

"The headless platform provides reliable processes, flexible scalability, and enables easy front-end changes."


Marcel Thiesies, Head of Digital, Gries Deco Company

"As SCAYLE has a large set of out-of-the-box functionalities, we can precisely aim our growth targets. In particular, the capability to quickly become a marketplace convinced us. It allows us to offer our customers an even wider range of products and to cater to their wishes more individually."


Dr. Franco Luca, CEO, DefShop

Operations at SCAYLE


Expand reach through global warehousing & international fulfillment.


Reduce costs with SCAYLE advantages & ABOUT YOU marketplace synergies.


Localize customer experiences with integrated carriers and customer service.


Reduce your complexity and focus on what differentiates you.

SCAYLE your reach. SCAYLE your profitability.

Take advantage of existing structures to simplify your operations.

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