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Cloud-Native Reliability

With a cloud-native IT architecture, you can easily ensure your performance keeps pace with Black Friday and other peak seasons by conveniently and automatically scaling server capacities. Just keep calm, continue shipping, and scale reliably.

What is cloud-native?

The cloud-native approach develops, deploys, and manages software applications in cloud computing environments. This ensures high scalability and maximum flexibility, because cloud-based systems can be adapted easily to meet evolving customer expectations.


Cloud-Native Architecture Powered by AWS & SCAYLE

Growth-enabled commerce & cutting-edge performance

AWS is the world’s leading hoster for cloud products and continually sets new standards with regard to scalability, speed, and security. Together with AWS, we offer a high-performance, cloud-native solution matching customer-specific requirements with own instances and localized services to enable accelerated speed.


Your Advantages With Our Cloud-Native Platform

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    Dynamic Scalability

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    Uncompromising Reliability

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    Auto Updates & Security Audits


Bulletproof SCAYLING at the highest standards

Ensure reliable performance and ultimate convenience.