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Headless eCommerce

The Ultimate Guide to Going Headless

Ready to rapidly respond to market changes? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Going Headless and take your eCommerce business to the next level. Learn more and download the white paper here for free.

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Get the latest insights on headless in eCommerce

The way we do eCommerce is changing. Make way for headless commerce: By decoupling the front and back end, systems become more efficient, agile, and customizable, making it easier to respond to market changes. Read more about the following topics in our latest eCommerce white paper.

  • What is headless, and how do you benefit from this approach?
  • Get to know headless architecture and its best friend: the composable approach.
  • How headless gives you the ultimate flexibility and helps you to stay competitive.
  • How headless helps you to improve the user experience and make your customers happy.
  • Why headless is perfect if you want to scale your business and keep up with the latest trends in eCommerce.
  • Bonus checklist: How to go headless – and never look back.

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What is headless commerce?

Let’s start with the way it used to be: In monolithic systems, the front end and back end are interconnected. Such platforms lack flexibility and adaptability. However, now that the eCommerce industry is focusing on providing its customers with an omnichannel experience – using a variety of different touchpoints and seamlessly integrating them – headless has made its way forward.

Headless commerce is a type of eCommerce architecture that decouples the front-end experience from the back-end system. This means that the back-end system can be updated or changed without impacting the front-end experience, and vice versa. Headless commerce gives businesses more flexibility and agility when it comes to updating their eCommerce platforms. Do you want to stay competitive? Try headless!

Download our free Ultimate Guide to Headless here!

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Expert insight: How to scale your resources with headless commerce

When designing experiences for different channels – for example, mobile apps, websites, and point-of-sale terminals – with headless you don’t have to worry about altering the back end and thus impacting every other part of the system. You can simply work on and scale individual channels as needed.

"Headless commerce software allows us to work with small, agile teams that focus on different stacks to provide a holistic shopping experience. Not every touchpoint, and indeed, front-end experience, needs the same level of care. The headless approach empowers us to scale our resources to develop the features our users are asking for. Headless allows for far more flexible development and speeds up our innovation process. "
Robert Merten, Tech Director at ABOUT YOU, shares an insight on how headless helps you to innovate your processes steadily
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Headless commerce or composable commerce: What's best for your business?

To top things off: Have you ever heard of the magic word composable? Wait, what is composable commerce, you ask? And how does it compare to headless architecture?

Good news: Most composable systems are actually headless by design. But, when working with a composable approach, you are benefiting from an architecture that is focused on interchanging and connecting components to the back end. Composable commerce systems are built out of smaller, self-contained components. Such components could, e.g., include your PIM, CMS, order management, or checkout handling.

“Composable platforms have built-in back-end flexibility and scalability. Even though you get ready-to-use elements, each component works independently, so you can add or remove it as needed. APIs allow components to 'talk' to each other and stay compatible. Therefore, swapping out components doesn’t come at the cost of compatibility and stability issues.”
Robert Merten, Tech Director at ABOUT YOU

Benefits of headless and composable commerce

Wondering what benefits come with using a headless approach? Here you will find some of the most important advantages. Promised: There are even more benefits you can learn about in the whitepaper.

  • Better agility: Add new features and tools in no time
  • Scalability: Scale your business at lightning speed
  • Higher Flexibility: Respond to market needs faster

A perfect combination: Even more benefits come up when combining headless with a composable approach.

  • Quick deployment and even greater flexibility
  • Fast new features releases with less risk of bugs
  • Easy troubleshooting and updates
  • Combining of third-party tools
  • Unique platform building

The ultimate guide to headless for your business

Ready to uplevel your eCommerce business and improve your customer experience? Read more about headless commerce architecture and composable commerce in our new Ultimate Guide to Headless white paper.

We cover the pros and cons, explain how the platform works, and help you decide which system is best for your eCommerce brand. And – as a cherry on the cake – we provide you with a useful bonus checklist on how to move toward true headless eCommerce.

Ready to learn more about headless architecture? Download the Ultimate Guide to Headless for free.

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