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B2C Commerce Excellence For Enterprise Brands

Create commerce experiences that draw in new customers and produce brand loyalists. Trigger emotions. Adapt fast. Capture imaginations. Become the B2C brand everyone’s talking about.

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 The Trusted B2C Platform for Leading Enterprises

  • Win customers. Re-engage. Win more.
    Be seen or die. Give your brand the edge it needs to stand out in today’s B2C market. From promotions with limitless possibilities to next-level frontend customization – keep customers new and old coming back for more.
  • Do more. With less.
    Free up your teams to focus on what really matters. Commerce teams can create stand-out customer experiences in clicks. Tech teams focus on unique components and integrations – not the entire backend. Streamline efficiency. Cut costs. Grow profits.
  • Go global. With confidence.
    Low latency. High speed. Scale worldwide with confidence. Enjoy peace of mind knowing every store has an unbeatable uptime with AWS-backed, cloud-native technology. And always safeguard sensitive data with integrated multilayer security measures.
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Built by B2C for B2C

Born from retail excellence, SCAYLE was developed by ABOUT YOU, one of Europe’s largest online retailers. We understand the complex B2C landscape better than anyone. Our continuous innovations and B2C expertise will take your business to new heights.

“Extreme seasonal peaks like on Black Friday are the ultimate challenge for any eCom business. A system handling these massive amounts of API calls without a performance loss or failure wasn’t available on the market. So we built it ourselves.”

Sebastian Betz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, ABOUT YOU
Sebastian Betz

Build your storefront your way

Kickstart your headless frontend project with our digital storefront accelerator. Or stick to what you know. Our API response time is down to just ten milliseconds – and counting. That means fewer drop offs – and higher sales – for you.


Hit the market with the Storefront Accelerator

Skip the time-consuming set up and hit the market with our out-of-the-box storefront. The seamless UI makes creating outstanding customer experiences so fast and easy – most of our customers never switch.


Stick with your current stack

Connect your existing storefront with our headless architecture and lightning-fast APIs. Minimize disruption by building with the tools your teams already know. And manage it all in SCAYLE’s back end – ready-built to optimize third-party integrations.

 See the B2C Enterprise brands that SCAYLE with us

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    Elevate Customer Experiences

    Manchester United is one of the world’s leading sports brands. The Premier League football club appointed SCAYLE to operate a new direct-to-consumer platform – putting fan satisfaction at the heart of its plans.

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    Turn Offline into Online Experiences

    Home decor specialist DEPOT is known for its inspiring retail experience. With us, DEPOT extends this ambiance into the digital world. Seamless omnichannel with Click & Collect and a distinct brand feel.

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    Grow With a Complex Product Landscape

    Being a market leader in optics, Fielmann knows what it takes to grow with a complex assortment with thousands of variations. Thus, it chose a flexible technology, enabling a unique customer experience, including virtual try-ons and connected offline services.

  • FC Bayern for ecommerce software

    Localize Online Retail Experiences

    Soccer club FC Bayern chose SCAYLE to internationalize its retail business with localized experiences and customized fan offers (e.g., jersey configurator). It uses ABOUT YOU’s strategic expertise to jointly develop new lifestyle assortments.

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    Leverage Multi-Shop Management

    s.Oliver Group established a unified commerce platform for its brands s.Oliver, comma, and LIEBESKIND BERLIN. Thanks to easy multi-shop management, it efficiently bundles processes for fully localized brand shops and differentiating front ends.

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  • logo-snipes-light

    Create Cross-Brand Synergies

    As part of the Deichmann Group, SNIPES partnered with SCAYLE to boost their eCommerce capabilities and create synergies with its parent company.


Ready to B2C more?

Discover the full suite of B2C capabilities SCAYLE offers.