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Experience True Omnichannel Retail

Step up to true omnichannel retail, seamlessly connecting your online and offline activities across devices, stores, and countries. Experience maximum flexibility with just one platform.


Offline. Online. One brand experience.

Embrace omnichannel commerce and create a unique experience across all channels. Connect third-party tools, e.g., a POS app.

  • allocate and refine products
  • inventory and warehousing
  • shipping and fulfillment
  • orders and returns
  • reservations, pick-ups and more

 Unleash the power of your stores

  • 1 Click & Collect | Click & Reserve

    Allow customers to order online or make reservations for offline pick-up and increase the appeal of your local stores. Enrich your online assortment with offline highlights.

  • 2 Ship from your store

    Enable store staff to fulfill orders from your store stock, e.g., to offer otherwise out-of-stock sizes, and leverage omnichannel commerce to sell off residual items.

  • 3 Order on behalf

    Empower your staff to spark sales by placing online orders on behalf of your customers right in your store and allowing customers to pay right away.

  • 4 In-store returns

    Make simplified returns part of your omnichannel strategy. Offer customers to return online orders in your store. Refund with vouchers or the used payment method.


Make your omnichannel convenient

  • Icons-Scayle-white_Marketplace-48×48

    Store Finder

  • Icons-Scayle-white_Connect to Inbound Marketplaces-48×48

    Distributed Order Routing

  • Icons-Scayle-white_One-Click Checkout-48×48

    Store Fulfillment App

SCAYLE it across all channels

Upgrade your customer journey.