SCAYLE | Guide: Replatforming from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to SCAYLE

Goodbye, Legacy
Hello, Replatforming Guide.

Learn how to replatform successfully from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to SCAYLE.
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Replatforming from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to SCAYLE

Is it time for your business to switch eCommerce platforms? Learn how to make your system migration from the Commerce Cloud to SCAYLE a success – and how you make sure your replatforming project goes as smoothly as possible.

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Get insights on how to manage a smooth system migration

Ready to learn more about replatforming from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to SCAYLE? In our white paper, we explain in detail why replatforming is totally worth it and why the Salesforce Commerce Cloud might not be serving you anymore. You’ll find out when an upgrade is worth the effort and why SCAYLE might just be the platform you’re looking for.
Ready to take a look at the steps needed to plan and carry out your migration?

  • Assessment and scoping
  • Creating a target architecture
  • Migrating product data, inventory, and prices
  • Building the front end & checkout
  • Creating a flawless experience for your customers
  • Bonus checklist: How to go headless – and never look back.

In our white paper, we’ll tackle these steps in-depth and share our insights on how to plan the smoothest replatforming experience possible.

Composable software: must-have in eCommerce

Does your brand offer customers the convenience they get from major marketplaces? Consumers are more impatient than ever, and they expect fast page loads, convenient logins, product recommendations, and an omnichannel shopping experience.

These were once unique selling points. Now they’re basic expectations. If you don’t offer them, you’ll risk losing your customers to a brand that does.

Today, flexible, modular eCommerce software is no longer a "nice to have". It’s a must-have. Outdated eCommerce software puts the brakes on your brand’s growth.

Can your eCommerce platform keep up with the pace of change?

While Salesforce was once an innovator in eCommerce technology, it has since become a bulky behemoth that simply can’t offer the agility of a modern, composable software platform. If your brand wants to offer your customers a more modern experience, it might be time to replatform.

We know replatforming can feel scary. It’s a major process with a lot of steps – and, to be frank, there is room for things to go wrong. Many businesses worry that the effort might not be worth it. But with SCAYLE, you don’t need to worry – we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Reasons for replatforming from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to SCAYLE

Are you interested in some reasons why your business and SCAYLE might just be the perfect fit? No worries, we’ve got plenty!

Prepared for the future

A headless architecture with a composable structure offers you maximum agility. You can easily make changes and integrate new touchpoints at any time – and tackle the omnichannel customer journey.

Booster for growth and internationalization

Migration to an easily scalable system such as SCAYLE creates the right conditions for a constantly growing number of customers, products, and touchpoints.

More efficiency

Uniform data structures and processes of our headless system enable a seamless connection of selected best-of-breed systems via flexible interfaces. This allows you to start smoothly into new markets with operational service extensions through logistics, customer service, and marketing, for example.

Easy to handle

SCAYLE has an intuitive user interface with a Plug'n'Play feel. Developers also benefit from well-structured and performance-optimized REST APIs.

Reduced TCO

We provide you with central functions such as PIM, order management, or checkout without additional license fees. Included hygiene factors, such as monitoring with proactive alerts and 24/7 emergency support, further reduce your total costs of ownership and simplify the planning of your monthly inclusive costs.

How to make your system migration as painless as possible

A system migration from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to SCAYLE isn’t a simple undertaking, but with the right preparation and expert guidance, it can be a painless, worry-free process. SCAYLE’s team of experts can give you as much help as you choose – from serving a purely advisory role to doing the hands-on work of building the shop components you need.

If you’ve been thinking about replatforming but are worried about taking the leap, let us help. Download our white paper and learn how to properly prepare for and carry out this crucial step so that the transition is as seamless as possible! We are happy to design a custom target architecture for your business – with SCAYLE’s headless architecture, your front end can be whatever you need it to be.

If your brand is ready to innovate, we are happy to help. Let’s take the brakes off your growth and help you get your foot on the gas pedal. Let’s SCAYLE together.

Get the guide here