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Goodbye, Legacy Software.
Hello, Replatforming Guide.

Is it time for your business to switch eCommerce platforms? Learn how to make your system migration from the Commerce Cloud to SCAYLE a success – and how you make sure your replatforming project goes as smoothly as possible.

Get insights on how to manage a smooth system migration

Ready to learn more about replatforming from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to SCAYLE? In our white paper, we explain in detail why replatforming is totally worth it and why the Salesforce Commerce Cloud might not be serving you anymore. You’ll find out when an upgrade is worth the effort and why SCAYLE might just be the platform you’re looking for. Ready to take a look at the steps needed to plan and carry out your migration?

  1. Assessment and scoping
  2. Creating a target architecture
  3. Migrating product data, inventory, and prices
  4. Building the front end & checkout
  5. Creating a flawless experience for your customers
  6. Bonus checklist: How to go headless – and never look back.

In our white paper, we’ll tackle these steps in-depth and share our insights on how to plan the smoothest replatforming experience possible.