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Our system is multi-merchant by design and allows you to easily become a marketplace. Expand reach and sales by connecting directly to external marketplaces with our ready-to-go integrations.

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Be a marketplace

Revolutionize your marketplace strategy with our inbuilt connections.

Evolve your business with our multi-merchant system empowering you to become a marketplace yourself. Connect an unlimited number of merchants to your shop. Grow your assortment, revenue, and profitability.

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Become a marketplace with our extensive feature set

Automatic Data Updates

Merchants push updates directly into our system. Afterward, they are automatically provided to your shops in the right format. No more manual updates.

Data Mapping & Harmonization

Incoming products and information can be automatically mapped to existing ones or standards that meet your unique quality requirements.

Delivery Time Configuration

Estimated delivery times are specifically adapted to each merchant. This way, your customers always know how quickly they will receive their products.

Checkout Basket Split

During checkout, your can customers see at a glance how many packages they will receive on which days. Each delivery is separately and clearly listed.

Advanced Order Routing

Orders are distributed directly to merchants with full track-and-trace functionality. Smart distribution routings provide live updates to customers.

Customer Service Transparency

When customers order from your marketplace, your customer service can transparently follow along: Which order? Which merchant? How many packages?


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"It's never been easier to convert your shop into a marketplace and multiply your assortment with the power of hundreds of merchants at one go."

Tarek Müller, CEO, ABOUT YOU

Access marketplaces

Generate incremental revenue with marketplaces like Amazon, Otto, Zalando, or ABOUT YOU.

  • Connect either directly with out-of-the-box integrations or marketplace tool
  • Flexibly determine products and prices for each marketplace independently
  • Optimize your strategy with various default features, e.g., virtual stock management to block stock for certain marketplaces
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Increased Reach with Marketplaces

Launching a brand with sufficient reach can be difficult. Thus, our customer Fli Papigu opted for a sophisticated marketplace strategy. While going live with its own shops, Fli Papigu also accessed four marketplaces from the start: Amazon, Otto, Zalando, and ABOUT YOU.

"SCAYLE optimized its warehouse management and fulfillment to ensure that our products always reach our customers quickly and according to plan - regardless of whether the order is placed via our online store or marketplaces."
Jure Perko, Founder, Fli Papigu

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SCAYLE here. SCAYLE there. SCAYLE everywhere.

Multiply your potential with marketplaces.

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