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Next-Level eCommerce Technology

Ensure highest scalability and maximum flexibility with our eCommerce technology. Create tailored experiences thanks to its headless, modular, and cloud-native architecture. Use the extensive built-in capabilities to drive seamless omnichannel, localized customer journeys, and effortless internationalization.

> 0 % conversion rate increase

0 m+ SKUs handled on a single instance

0 k+ orders per minute in peak times

up to 0 % TCO reduction after migration

SCAYLE your commerce business with our eCommerce platform.

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Whatever your B2C use case is – build front ends without limits.

Inspire and guide your customers while optimizing conversion rates, e.g., with singular frontends for different touchpoints.

Front End Capabilities: Size Finder

Whatever products you offer – make them attractive.

Offer compelling product discoveries – no matter how complex an item is. Our eCommerce technology makes sure your products get the attention they deserve.


Whatever feature you might need – just integrate it.

Enhance your shopping experience by connecting any third-party service you need: Size finder? Booking system? You want it? You can integrate it.

Technology Capabilities: Food Presentation

Whenever your customers buy – increase their basket size.

Exploit your full cross-selling potential and likewise increase your upselling rate by letting your eCommerce platform provide additional benefits to your customers.


Wherever your customers are – make them feel at home.

Create one holistic, strong customer journey including even highly diverse product types. Make shopping genuinely seamless.

Technology: Front End Capability Configurator

It’s tempting to think that you can only provide unique experiences if you build everything from scratch. In fact, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – unless you have a special case that requires a granular solution. Take advantage of best practices that are already available and use them for a jump start to scale your growth. Ensure your hygiene factors are taken care of while you focus on building what differentiates your brand.

Tobias Ring
Director Growth Services, SCAYLE
Technology: Headless Commerce

Join a new era in headless commerce

Our eCommerce software solution brings an evolutionary new standard to your everyday processes and customer experience. A multitude of out-of-the-box features and easy integration of third-party applications enable you to quickly adjust to trends and changed customer expectations. Need more? Push beyond the ordinary with customized features we build. Together.

 Retail technology designed for flexible evolutions on the fast track

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Easily connect or remove modules and tools you need via API. Build and manage a digital eCommerce platform that perfectly suits your business case. Accelerate innovation speed and reaction time.

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Experience the driving force of an infinitely scalable multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure. Keep control of your performance with our bulletproof scalability and ensure Black Friday won’t black out.

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Leverage the new standard of enterprise commerce. Easily implement new features, tools, and touchpoints thanks to the decoupled architecture of our eCommerce software. Seamless integrations and synchronizations start right here.

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Flexibly on- and offboard features and extended capabilities as needed. Our modular system enables agile updates, reduces error rates, and increases response times. Tailor your eCommerce platform to your vision.

SCAYLE your tech. SCAYLE your business.

Enable the foundation for rapid, flexible, and sustainable growth.