Webinar: Winning the Attention and Hearts of Gen Y&Z

We’re sharing SCAYLE’s insights on how to reach the younger generations and keep them engaged and even loyal to your brand.

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The input of the webinar at a glance

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    Keep Gen Y&Z engaged and loyal

    Fight problems such as high churn rates and declining customer loyalty by understanding exactly what makes these generations curious. Based on this, we will show you suitable measures that will make their hearts beat faster.

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    Reach them through new channels

    Yes, Generation Y&Z think differently. And that's exactly why you should do the same: different channels, targeting, and formats. We cracked the code and will show you what opportunities are awaiting.

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    Increasing retention rates

    As you might know, Gen Y&Z are the top spenders in eCommerce. So boosting their loyalty is essential for your success. Learn step by step what this can look like with the successful example of ABOUT YOU.

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