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Turning a striking in-store experience into a compelling digital growth model

Is it possible to blend offline and online seamlessly? Creating a holistic shopping experience, which truly reflects a brand’s vision is not an easy task. Therefore, DEPOT exchanged its legacy system for SCAYLE’s all-in-one Commerce Engine – and achieved a 10% increase in its conversion rate and even a 50% increase in revenue.
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Logo Depot
Industry: Home & Living
Use case: Technology & Marketing
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Traditional Retail

Founded in 1948, Gries Deco Company GmbH evolved into one of the most renowned homeware omnichannel retailers on the DACH market. Its flagship brand DEPOT operates 536 stores serving about 700,000 customers every month.

While DEPOT’s carefully selected and seasonally changing assortment has been one of its cornerstones for growth, its shop system did not reflect DEPOT’s diverse and customer-centric nature. The various dependencies led to very limited flexibility and a high maintenance effort. A tightly connected back and front end and a unique legacy architecture continuously challenged DEPOT’s objective to drive online growth.

Launching a New Platform to Accelerate eCommerce

DEPOT wanted to exchange its monolithic legacy system for an innovative all-in-one platform solution while keeping some relevant systems, e.g., SAP, Data Warehouse, and CRM. Therefore, DEPOT decided for our headless, flexible, API-first platform with integrated checkout and customer service. DEPOT furthermore wanted to mirror its inspirational store approach online with a clean, versatile shop structure and also opted for relaunching its shop front end with our storefront. Lastly, DEPOT was eager to drive its growth even further by collaborating with us on all digital marketing aspects of our Marketing Growth Services. DEPOT’s transformation paid off with results well above market average…

Challenge Accepted

Tuning DEPOT’s eCommerce infrastructure required to tackle the following challenges:

  • Replacing a complex architecture with a streamlined system landscape
  • Transformation management with numerous external stakeholders
  • Reorganizing operational processes focusing on value creation

Best-Practice Solution

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 Fast Results

> 0 inspirational content elements in shop

> 0 % increase conversion rate

> 0 % revenue increase YoY

Implementing SCAYLE as its core platform did not only help DEPOT to cut its digital complexity drastically. It empowered DEPOT to easily grow with its digital strategy. After setting up a versatile yet clean and harmonized infrastructure and discarding anything without a solid value proposition, we launched the new platform while introducing new operational standards and our best-in-class marketing service.

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