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Technology | Checkout Process: Rule Engine

Guarantee smooth sales


Cross-Device Synchronization

Our checkout is not only UX optimized for mobile web, app, and desktop. It also supports cross-device customer journeys with synchronized baskets.


Preconfigured Payment Methods

Choose from a broad selection of available payment methods matching your customers` specific needs and matching local preferences.


High Load Stability

Our checkout is optimized to handle thousands of user requests simultaneously – even high traffic surges during and after TV spots or sale campaigns.


Carrier & Shipping Choices

Offer a wide range of international carriers and let your customers select their preferred shipping method – no matter if paid, free or express delivery.


One-Click Checkout

Returning customers are forwarded to the last step of the checkout and can complete their purchase with just one click, which will improve your conversion.


Out-of-the-Box Marketing

Our white label checkout includes marketing features to raise customer satisfaction and lower churn rates, e.g., for vouchers, gift cards, and loyalty programs.

Make your checkout count

01 Offer collection points

Resolve the delivery problem for your customers when working long hours or commuting. Offer deliveries to pick-up stations conveniently located near your customers' home or working place.

02 Optimize delivery estimates

Inform your customers about estimated delivery dates before purchasing a product. Our system allows you to granularly define the delivery times based on the warehouse supplying a product and the hours products can be shipped. By this, you can easily adjust to changes of your fulfillment capacity.

03 Reduce fraud risk

Offer your customers tailored services while reducing fraud risks in one go as a part of your checkout process. Determine with our rule engine which payment methods and delivery options customers can select. Base your criteria, e.g., on product type or price range, and set dynamic rules for different customers’ risk profiles or use cases. For instance, you can restrict access for new customers to invoice payments, require credit card payments for recurring payments, or only offer specialized carriers for bulky goods to guarantee smooth deliveries. Of course, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite risk assessment service as you can easily connect any external tools.

04 Localize your experience

Choose local payment methods and carriers to build customer trust and provide them with a store-next-door experience. Integrate country-specific warehouses and service levels according to your operations to ensure seamless processes.


peak orders per minute

We got your back

Play your trump card for seasonal peaks and benefit from our operational experience of handling challenging traffic surges with ease.

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Emancipate your checkout with dynamic processes and optimized conversions.

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