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AWS Is the Preferred Cloud Provider for SCAYLE, the Commerce Platform Built for Retailers, by Retailers

ABOUT YOU Group, with one of the fastest growing online fashion stores in Europe and one of the most modern B2C sectors, has announced AWS as the preferred cloud provider for SCAYLE, the SaaS solution that makes ABOUT YOU’s commerce platform available as a licensed product.

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an, Inc. company (NASDAQ: AMZN), announced that it is the preferred cloud provider for SCAYLE, the commerce platform spun off by the ABOUT YOU Group as a stand-alone business and SaaS solution.

ABOUT YOU Group, which grew at an annual rate of more than 63% in its first eight years and today has group revenues of €1.9 billion, is targeting international growth for SCAYLE, which is already used by more than 140 online stores. Customers of the SCAYLE commerce engine running on AWS include international enterprise brands and retailers, such as Deichmann, Fielmann, and FC Bayern.

SCAYLE offers enterprise businesses looking to replicate ABOUT YOU’s success a commerce platform that’s built for retailers, by retailers. It leverages an evolved version of the infrastructure that ABOUT YOU originally developed for its online fashion store when it migrated from on-premises servers to AWS in 2017, and which now handles more successful transactions than any other platform in Europe.

With AWS as its preferred cloud provider and the core of the platform, SCAYLE’s headless, API-first, composable and cloud-native SaaS solution provides a modern commerce technology with an extensive built-in feature set, including native Product Information Management (PIM), Shop Management, Checkout, and Order Management. It integrates offline and online purchases with purpose-built, intuitive dashboards, which empower users to take control of the online retail experience without the need for coding skills.

The scalability of AWS’s compute capacity and database services is among the key factors underpinning SCAYLE’s ability to service expanding commerce businesses, including over 45 million active users per calendar month for some customers. SCAYLE balances loads and scales its platform to maintain availability using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). Amazon ElastiCache uses a geolocal approach for faster delivery of application data, when and where each retailer needs it. Amazon OpenSearch provides machine learning-powered search applications tailored to the eCommerce environment while Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) provides the scalability of data required by fast-growing online retailers. Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Simple Notification Service (SNS) enable asynchronous inter-service communication which ensures a highly elastic eCommerce system to handle peak loads easily.

“The success of the ABOUT YOU online store and SCAYLE perfectly illustrates the impact of cloud-native architectures for building scalable, secure, innovative, and intuitive platforms that meet the particular needs of online retailers,” said Tanuja Randery, managing director of AWS Europe, Middle East, and Africa. “The next stage of SCAYLE’s growth will be a very exciting one, unlocking the potential of the cloud to drive innovation and growth for businesses worldwide.”

“At the start of ABOUT YOU’s journey, the decision to move from on-premises infrastructure to AWS removed potential bottlenecks for our growth and enabled us to build a fast, responsive, scalable platform that’s uniquely suited to the needs of retailers,” said Christopher Metz, former Director Cloud & IT Operations at ABOUT YOU and now Managing Director Platforms at SCAYLE. “Making SCAYLE accessible to customers as a standalone business, with AWS as its preferred cloud provider, is enabling us to quickly provide a state-of-the-art high-performance platform to our customers that allows them to grow their business sustainably as market leaders.”

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SCAYLE is a flexible B2C SaaS enterprise shop system built on a headless and API-first architecture. An extensive feature set, including PIM, Shop Management, Checkout, and OMS, is combined with an intuitive UI. Brands and retailers use SCAYLE to stay on track with fast-changing market developments and to drive differentiation in commerce. SCAYLE GmbH is a member of the ABOUT YOU Group and unites modern technology with a unique retail DNA. Leading brands like Deichmann, s.Oliver, Fielmann, FC Bayern, Marc O’Polo, and DEPOT choose SCAYLE’s Commerce Engine. Managing directors are Christopher Metz, René Dalock, and Tobias Ring. Learn more about SCAYLE, visit:

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