As growth increases, so do the requirements for a shop system. In competition with big platforms and online stores, brands and retailers have to outgrow themselves – not just in terms of technology. In an episode of the K5 Commerce Cast, SCAYLE co-founder Tarek Müller talks about which commerce companies particularly benefit from SCAYLE and what distinguishes SCAYLE from other systems.


How does a successful fashion online store like ABOUT YOU become a tech company that makes its technology available to other brands and retailers so they can grow just as successfully? It’s simple: ABOUT YOU has always been a technology company at its core. But first, it was important to expand ABOUT YOU’s own digital expertise, says Tarek in the interview with Sven Rittau, CEO And they have: strategically, operationally and technologically. “The proof of concept has been provided that we are able to operate and build scalable eCommerce. And to us it was always clear, that once this proof of concept is provided – once we have proven to ourselves that we really do offer the best software on the global market – then we take the next step and start offering this software to third parties. That next step was taken in 2018.”

What makes competitive technology so important?

Great products and creative new features may not be enough to attract customers and stay ahead of the market, says Tarek. Customers will never rave about an online store because they think the technology behind it is so brilliant. However, the technology enables a variety of features that make the shopping experience special. And that’s where the challenge lies. Increased sales ambitions expand the demands on eCommerce companies, forcing them to become more complex. Tarek confirms, “It’s never been easier to start eCommerce – and at the same time, it’s never been harder to scale eCommerce.”

Technology is therefore increasingly becoming a growth driver. Only a flexible, reliable system enables the integration of functions that excite customers. The right engine alone does not guarantee market success, says Tarek, but it does mean decisive advantage: it enables companies to focus on the things that set their store apart from the competition. This is how customers become loyal fans.

This is exactly the reason why SCAYLE Commerce Engine not only offers the core store system functions, as other providers do. SCAYLE also offers a whole range of out-of-the-box functions and services that allow brands and retailers to set up their ecosystem quickly and efficiently while they take care of the really important things themselves.

What sets SCAYLE apart from its competition?

According to Tarek, SCAYLE stands out from other commerce platforms in a fast-growing market thanks to two features in particular: its own retail expertise and rapid internationalization possibilities.

ABOUT YOU uses the same technology as other SCAYLE customers. ABOUT YOU’s own retail experience directly influences the further development of the store system and all services. It is therefore in SCAYLE’s own interest to always offer an innovative, flexible and powerful product. This also benefits other brands and retailers: “We are a technology company, but we have the most retail experience of any technology company out there. That means we know exactly what’s important to run successful commerce […] and that’s why we’re usually the first of all the technology providers to build a trend into our core and make it available to all our customers.” Innovation is part of the DNA of SCAYLE and ABOUT YOU, which leads to constant development and improvement of user experience and features.

The second major advantage of SCAYLE is its extensive experience in the area of internationalization. In addition to seamlessly scalable technology, SCAYLE also offers country-specific expertise making opening up new markets not only faster, but also perfectly tailored to your own brand. SCAYLE’s operations and marketing services are available for 26 countries and are fully adaptable to local preferences – offering localized customer service, international logistics or even regional influencer marketing. SCAYLE’s translation engine enables fast translations, local payment methods are already integrated and create a shopping experience that matches the user habits of international customers. In Tarek’s words, “When customers want to internationalize, I think it’s absolutely clear that our software is the best choice because it’s the only one that allows for fast internationalization with a fully local version.”


Extensive trading experience with high growth rates, a strong focus on international eCommerce and state-of-the-art technology: What sets SCAYLE apart from other commerce platforms is the possibility to build on already high benchmarks in all areas and to further expand them for itself.

Interested in which companies can benefit particularly strongly from SCAYLE’s offering or how parallel D2C and marketplace offerings are compatible? Then take a look at the video podcast in which Tarek and Sven discuss these and other questions.

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