SCAYLE has been recognized as a ‘leader’ in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Headless Digital Commerce Platforms 2024 Vendor Assessment. 

IDC, a leading provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology industries, conducts evaluations to offer insights into the competitive standing of eCommerce platform suppliers.

Placing us as leading experts in the enterprise space showcases SCAYLE’s ongoing commitment to innovation.

A Leader in Enterprise B2C Commerce

SCAYLE is one of the fastest-growing enterprise commerce platforms in the world. And we’ve risen to become a ‘leader’ – the highest possible IDC rating. 

We believe this growth was unlocked by the innovation at our core. We closely work with customers to develop features that truly resonate with daily market challenges and help them create outstanding customer experiences that drive up profitability.

SCAYLE: The Best Headless Platform for Enterprise

SCAYLE’s platform is designed to drive enterprise retailers’ success, pushing their brand to the forefront of the market. IDC identified our success in this with some of our unique strengths:

  • Pre-composed modular commerce architecture: Our flexible, modular architecture with core services and out-of-the-box modules can be tailored to each business’ specific needs, enabling retailers to customize and scale quickly. 
  • Flexible merchandising: Our PIM module allows merchants to standardize stock data, fine-tune product information, automate processes, manage multiple shops, and internationalize flexibly and easily. 
  • Go-based frontend API: Our frontend API leverages Go instead of PHP, significantly speeding up response times while enhancing performance and efficiency.

B2C Enterprise Experts

SCAYLE is built for B2C enterprises, by a B2C enterprise. Born from retail, SCAYLE was developed by ABOUT YOU, one of Europe’s largest online retailers. We understand the complex B2C landscape better than anyone. We offer solutions for even the most complex retail cases – and help brands scale with ease.

Top Enterprises Choose SCAYLE

Today, eCommerce platforms must offer enterprises flexibility, scalability, and the support needed to create intuitive user experiences. SCAYLE allows you to do all of that – and more. 

“Consider SCAYLE if you are a developer-driven, rapid growth-oriented, and CX-focused midmarket to large enterprise buyer with a large product catalog of fast-moving goods. This vendor is well suited to product-led, experience-led, and tech agility-led differentiation strategies.” – Heather Hershey, Research Director, Worldwide Digital Commerce CIS at IDC 

Leading enterprises trust us to support their businesses in innovation, growth, and enhancing customer experiences including:

  • Deichmann – Europe’s largest footwear retailer
  • Fielmann – optical market leader
  • Manchester United – one of the world’s leading sports brands

Equip Your Enterprise with a Market Leader

Download the IDC report to see how SCAYLE compares to other digital commerce platforms and how our innovative solutions can drive your business forward.