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How to build an OMS in eCommerce

Upgrade your eCommerce business with an effective OMS: Read our free guide and build the bullet-proof OMS that will help your business thrive.

Let Your eCommerce Business Thrive with the Perfect OMS

An order management system (OMS) is a critical part of your eCommerce business’ tech stack. Implemented correctly, an OMS can help you process orders more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction, and even lower inventory costs. Is your order management system ready for an upgrade? Check out our five-step plan for implementing the ideal OMS for your eCommerce business.

Unsure whether your business needs an order management system?

An OMS is a system in omnichannel commerce that manages all aspects of customer orders from a central location. It unifies data from order entry, inventory management, fulfillment, and customer service solutions in a single platform.

Profit from Beneficial Features

  1. Tracks customer orders from all channels (including in-store retail)
  2. Monitors and manages inventory levels
  3. Tracks multi-supplier stock in real-time via API
  4. Coordinates and tracks order fulfillment
  5. Managing returns

A properly designed OMS can streamline business operations, improve customer service and simplify purchasing processes – but not all OMS software is created equal. Many are not able to adapt quickly enough to changing market demands, leaving businesses – and more importantly their customers – unsatisfied.

Why a Good OMS in eCommerce Is Essential

A good OMS has several advantages an eCommerce business can benefit from.

  1. Faster ordering
  2. Optimized stock levels
  3. Coordinated customer service
  4. Synchronization across multiple sources and suppliers

Ultimately, these benefits lead to an improved customer experience while simultaneously allowing you to scale your eCom business efficiently.

However, a poorly-designed OMS for eCommerce might just create added complexity as you patch together applications, without offering the functionality you really need.

Ready to Upgrade Your Business’ Order Management System?

Not all order management systems are created equal. If you would like to learn more about how to improve your company’s OMS, SCAYLE is here to assist. Download our white paper for our detailed guide to designing and implementing an order management system that will help your business thrive.