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eCommerce Growth Metrics

Why is digital growth so effortless for some?
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Guide: eCommerce Growth Metrics

"Be bolder and make customer lifetime value support your digital growth."

Alexander Bellin, Chief Revenue Officer | ABOUT YOU

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Turn offline into online experiences

Home decor specialist DEPOT is known for its inspiring retail experience. With us, DEPOT extends this ambiance into the digital world. Seamless omnichannel with Click & Collect and a distinct brand feel.


Start a brand on our full 360° service

Effortlessly reaching millions of customers as a new brand is a rare feat. Fli Papigu achieved it by entrusting us with its complete online operations. While the brand focuses solely on its creative output, we provide the foundation for its growth – all-inclusive.


Roll out 19 countries in 3 months

The Founded, the new brand within the Bestseller group (e.g., Vero Moda, Jack & Jones), internationalized on a big scale by taking advantage of our experience to master foreign markets. It shortened its roll-outs tremendously to just a few months.

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