End-to-End Order Management

Ensure straightforward and reliable processes from confirmation to return. Full transparency for your business and your customers. Stock. Warehouses. Orders. Customers. All the way.

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Technology | OMS: End-to-End Order Management:

Every touchpoint full of insights

Don't compromise on transparency for any E2E order processing step. From payment to shipment and communication status – customers and service agents are always up-to-date.


Maximum efficiency and transparency for all orders


E2E Order Processing

Bring all order management aspects together while enjoying the ease of stable processes. Auto-failover processes and smart routing ensure reliable fulfillment.


Stock Management

Never oversell again. Keep track of virtual stocks across multiple shops and real-time stock updates. Coordinate stocks across all your warehouses.


Customer Service Suite

Provide truly professional service with transparent access to customers and order overviews. Place and edit orders. Review and trigger prompt communication.


Customer Communication

Automate customer communication as well as invoice creation and mailings. Guarantee customer satisfaction with accurate delivery estimates and track & trace.

Always stay transparent

Take advantage of immediate access and automated updates.

01 E2E order processing

So simple, yet so effective. Basket splitting allows you to take advantage of dynamic order routing based on customized rules like location, merchant priority, or stock availability. Effortlessly transfer and manage orders from confirmation to return. Real-time order status updates for shipments and payments are synchronized by API.

02 Stock management

Keep track of multi-supplier stock via API with inventories that are available in real time across the system. Do you need to block stocks? Make reservations across multiple warehouses? No problem with our virtual stock management that is kept until the next inventory update to avoid overselling. Our system also allows stock pooling for dedicated sales channels with virtual warehouses.

03 Customer service suite

Bring the same excellent experience to your customers and your customer service agents. Our intuitive user interface facilitates order and customers searches, allows you to review and edit orders as well as customer data. Check current baskets and wishlists and place orders on behalf of customers. Easily access customer communication and trigger emails.

04 Customer communication

Raise your communication standards and make customers feel valued. Customize your transactional emails to match your brand and trigger push notifications about delivery and payment status. Keep your customers informed with delivery time estimates and allow them to track their packages right to their doorstep. Generate shipment notes and invoices and automate sending them. Ready for the next order? Inform your customers about back-in-stock items.

SCAYLE for excellence

Simplify your processes and keep them transparent.

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