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We combine tech and creativity in a boutique digital agency to help businesses grow through user-centric platforms and digital products.

About Jung von Matt TECH

JvM Tech builds innovative, user-centric platforms, products, and services on the headless stack. SCAYLE perfectly integrates with their stack and adds best-of-class eCommerce capabilities to the clients’ digital products. They focus on agile working methods, JvM Tech develops powerful, high-performance digital platforms and products with strong digital brands and outstanding usability. The Product Studio method ensures an uncompromising focus on customer needs and early evaluation of the product idea. With around 70 employees in Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich, and Beijing, the company has implemented technologically excellent solutions for clients such as BMW, Google, Bosch, and more.

  • Regions: Worldwide with offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich, and Beijing.

“We share the same strengths as SCAYLE. We focus on the essentials. We believe in a unique user experience that is specific to the brand – the headless approach is ideal for this.”

Thomas Feldhaus, Managing Director, Jung von Matt TECH