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minubo offers all-in-one business intelligence for eCommerce. Benefit from full transparency across all channels. Everyone in the team has ad-hoc access to relevant data.

  • What does the company specialize in?

    • Business intelligence specifically for eCommerce
    • Fast integration of all relevant data sources
    • Intuitive, ad-hoc access to relevant key figures without programming knowledge
    • Uniform key figure language & a data-driven culture for retailers and brands thanks to proven data model

  • Descriptive text about the company:

    How do I maximize my eCommerce profitability? How do I increase customer lifetime value? minubo’s all-in-one business intelligence for eCommerce provides prompt, constructive answers to your questions. From well-known brands such as Intersport, CALIDA & ROSE Bikes to rapidly expanding start-ups like BitterLiebe & SugarShape — eCom pros know they can rely on minubo.

    minubo offers a complete solution from a single source: data integration & linking, analysis & reporting. Enjoy the benefits of a ready-to-use, complete business intelligence solution in minimal time. No lengthy project effort, low costs, zero risk. Link your data from SCAYLE with web tracking, planning figures, marketing costs, and other source systems.

  • Number of customer projects:


    Countries & Regions:

    Europe & North America

  • “With SCAYLE, we have a great partner on our side who focuses just as much on the sustainable, profitable growth of its customers as we do. Especially when it comes to internationalization, marketplace business, and sales channel evaluation, full transparency is essential for eCommerce companies — so our solutions perfectly complement each other!”

    – Andreas Fischer, CEO minubo