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rb2 builds eCommerce, subscription, and loyalty platforms for everyone from SMEs to enterprise organizations – anyone with big ambitions.

About rb2

rb2 is a leading force in eCommerce, specializing in advanced use cases. Harnessing our deep knowledge of composable microservices architectures, we bring top-tier functionalities to businesses, offering specialized features built from years of experience with the About You online fashion store. Our solutions seamlessly merge the best out-of-the-box tools with the modularity that retailers require, ensuring adaptability in ever-changing competitive markets.

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“At rb2, we’ve honed our expertise by addressing the nuanced needs of the evolving eCommerce landscape. We recognize the pivotal role of customer experience in fostering brand loyalty and transforming end-users into genuine brand enthusiasts. In partnership with SCAYLE, we offer a comprehensive toolset that streamlines category management, product management, and order management – elements often found outside the standard eCommerce engine. With an advanced OMS, PIM, and a robust set of APIs, we’re equipped to provide a distinctive omnichannel experience that bridges the gap between physical stores and online platforms.”

Jeroen van Meel, Head of Composable Commerce