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Uplifted Marketing Channel Performance

Raise your profitability and revenue by optimizing your digital marketing channel management. Our experts adapt our verified steering methods to your objectives – across all marketing channels and based on extensive data insights.

 Marketing Intelligence & Technology

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    Dynamic & Automated Bidding

    Our processes are based on advanced marketing channel steering models to maximize responsiveness while reducing workload.

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    Test & Learn Approach

    Our marketing channel management employs an iterative testing process to challenge the status quo to achieve the best performance for each case.

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    Optimal Tooling

    For all your digital marketing channels, we quickly adopt proven processes to facilitate workflows and always be one step ahead of your competition.

 Dynamic marketing channel management

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    SEA & SEO

    Keyword research to campaign optimization, link building to technical setup – we maximize your ROI for PPC ads and improve your search engine rankings.

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    PLA & PSM

    Show your products above competitors in price listing ads and product search machines with our data-driven steering logic and product feed optimization.

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    Increase your reach by targeting and retargeting potential customers across all relevant social media channels – no matter what target audience you seek.

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    Build your brand and increase awareness by reaching your target group across millions of websites across the web with ads on the Google Display Network.

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    Drive conversions by retargeting your past campaign leads with tailored ads. Increase engagement and get your target audience back in your shop.

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    Extend your reach through trusted referral marketing cooperations with Awin, Payback, and many more. We’ll help you find the best match for your brand.

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