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Effectively Steer Your Marketing

Our advanced steering model is designed to provide a threefold profit return on marketing spend with reliable touchpoint attribution and in-depth analytics. ABOUT YOU profits from it every day. And so can you.

 Touchpoint impact on revenue

Last-Click Model

Leave nothing to chance: Our business consulting services help you set up profitable campaigns at the right time with annual business and marketing planning to support your growth.


Bathtub Model

Increase your eCommerce profitability with our steering framework: customized attribution rules, budget allocation based on CLV, break-even targets, and channel attribution share.


Rule-Based Model

Be up to date on the latest movements thanks to our comprehensive reporting setup including eCom management reportings, budget planning sheets, campaign planning sheets, and marketing steering reports.


 Dynamic marketing channel management

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    New Customers

    The share and amount of new customers each with its own CLV.

  • Icons-Scayle-blue_Shop-Specific Prices-48×48

    Contribution Margin

    The relative profitability of an order after your variable costs.

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    Customer Lifetime Value

    The CLV is based on behavioral context and defines customer lifetime net profitability.

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    Minimum Contribution Threshold

    The threshold contribution after marketing cost that needs to be considered.

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    Return on Investment

    The digital ROI is defined by customer lifetime value and acquisition cost to enable growth.

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    Net Promoter Score

    Customer satisfaction evaluation based on the NPS 1-10 score.


Comprehensive dashboard reporting

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    Frequent Reports

  • Icons-Scayle-white_Effective Search-48×48

    Tailored Analysis

  • Icons-Scayle-white_Reporting-48×48

    Performance Transparency

Your ROI just got SCAYLED!

Achieve your marketing objectives with data-driven insights.