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Expert eCommerce Consulting

Drive your eCom business with a holistic eCommerce consulting approach and optimize your performance with strategic advisory and roadmapping. We enable your eCommerce growth from top to bottom line – with best practices proven by market leaders.

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 Strategic Advisory – Tailored to Your eCommerce Business

  • ecommerce-consulting-levers

    Identification of levers

    Our business consultants identify the right operational growth levers for your business and give you on-point advisory to leverage every position on your eCommerce P&L.

  • ecommerce-consulting-analytics

    Best practice insights & consulting

    Gain valuable insights on pricing and promotions, shipping fees, and fulfillment strategies and develop your own eCommerce best practices (e.g., on app, loyalty, omnichannel).

  • ecommerce-consulting-internationalization

    Strategic eCommerce roadmapping

    Where does your path lead? To growth! Together, we develop your ideal eCommerce growth strategy, e.g., via international markets and marketplace approaches.

  • ecommerce-consulting-workshops

    Actionable consulting advice

    No need to tackle it on your own: We provide you with extensive audits, helpful playbooks, and hands-on workshops to help you implement our business consulting advice.

 Planning, steering & reporting

Business, marketing, and campaign planning

Leave nothing to chance: Our business consulting services help you set up profitable campaigns at the right time with annual business and marketing planning to support your growth.


Growth-oriented steering framework

Increase your eCommerce profitability with our steering framework: customized attribution rules, budget allocation based on CLV, break-even targets, and channel attribution share.


Extensive reporting setup

Be up to date on the latest movements thanks to our comprehensive reporting setup including eCom management reportings, budget planning sheets, campaign planning sheets, and marketing steering reports.


Data & benchmarking

As part of our business consulting services, we provide you with firsthand insights on your performance in relation to your industry peers and in context of macroeconomic developments:

  • Evolution of customer behavior
  • Industry revenue trends
  • Competitors promotion campaigns
  • Detailed benchmarking for shop performance or marketing metrics

Commerce management

Learn how to use our shop technology, execute on-site optimizations, and increase your conversions most efficiently with our commerce management including:

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Project management
  • Execution support
  • SEO

 Business Consulting at SCAYLE

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    Receive holistic and actionable strategic consulting on operational growth levers.

  • Icons-Scayle-blue_Reporting-48×48

    Optimize your eCom business along your P&L with tailored steering and reporting.

  • Icons-Scayle-blue_Loyality-48×48

    Improve your position and performance through data insights and benchmarking.

  • Icons-Scayle-blue_Reduced Complexity-48×48

    Have your eCom shop optimizations executed, managed, and monitored by SCAYLE.

More facts. Less guess work.

Achieve your growth goals with data-based insights.