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Versatile Add-ons. More functionalities.

Tailor your online shop’s interface to fit your use case with our versatile, ready-to-use panel add-ons. Leverage SCAYLE’s native developments to extend your feature set and create unique experiences for yourself and your customers with just a few clicks, while keeping your core system lean and performant.


Enhance your shop’s functionality

Our panel add-ons empower you to expand your shop system’s feature set beyond its core capabilities to perfectly match your shop interface to your specific requirements and enhance your individual workflows.

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    Customize your look and feel

    Stop switching between applications. Integrate the functionalities you need with our add-ons (e.g., promotions tool, bundles, reportings).

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    Low effort. High impact.

    Choose from a variety of add-ons that can be activated and set up with just a few clicks and little configuration effort.

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    Gain speed with blueprints

    Need more specialized capabilities? No need to start from scratch, simply use our add-ons as a blueprint and focus on your business logic.

Omnichannel Add-on

Our omnichannel add-on bridges the gap between retail stores and online shops. Enhance your shopping experience by connecting your offline stores. Treat yourself to a more holistic stock overview. And save on costs by allowing in-store orders and Click & Collect fulfillment.

  • 1 Easy store management

    Where can your customers find your stores? Add and manage addresses, opening hours, images, and other relevant information effortlessly in one central system.

  • 2 More transparency

    Stock sold out online? Help your customers find the closest store with the desired item in stock, minimize negative customer experiences, and increase customer loyalty.

  • 3 Omnichannel sales

    New season coming up? Leverage our omnichannel add-on to sell off residual stock more effectively from your stores and make room for new merchandise.

  • 4 Click & Collect fulfillment

    Save on shipping costs and drive foot traffic by allowing for click-and-collect fulfillment in both warehouses and stores with our omnichannel add-on.

  • 5 Dedicated fulfillment app

    No matter where fulfillment takes place, our dedicated fulfillment app for desktop and mobile devices makes processing orders easy for you and your team.

Personalized Discounts Add-on


Direct assignment

Let customers decide

Bundle Add-on


Easy bundle management

Extend your commerce platform to your needs.

Automatic reduction calculation

Subscriptions Add-on


Incentivize subscriptions

Automatic order creation

Easy subscription management

Native Add-ons SCAYLE faster.

Extend your commerce platform to your needs.