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Maximize Your Options With
Composable Commerce

Ensure a quick start with SCAYLE’s composable commerce capabilities like our PIM. Combine it with other existing modular solutions to build a platform tailored to your needs. Your business is not static, so why should your system be?

What’s the difference between modular and composable commerce?

Composable commerce refers to architectures which – as the name already suggests – consist of a combination of individual components. The partitioning into these components can be implemented with varying degrees of detail: Very granular into microservices, which is useful if you need very specific use cases, for example in the B2B sector. Or into larger modules for each function, which brings us to modular commerce. This modularity makes it possible to select and exchange the independently operating back-end services as required. Modular commerce is therefore one of several ways of implementing composable commerce.


Innovate on your own terms

Build your commerce platform step by step with our composable architecture.

  • Reduce the risk and complexity of replatforming
  • Increase speed and time to market
  • Establish organizational capabilities
  • Stay flexible to add further SCAYLE or third-party modules

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Turn On Innovation With Composability

Future-proof your tech stack with a composable architecture

What does the future hold for your eCom business? Change. That’s all we know for sure. The best way to deal with this uncertainty is to embrace whatever will come. A composable architecture allows you to adapt to ever-changing customer expectations, technologies, and market conditions. It will facilitate innovations to happen along the way.

 Why composable commerce is a key success driver

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    Balance flexibility & complexity

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    Increase speed & agility

    Composable architecture assures high agility by adapting to new requirements. Moreover, it enables fast rollouts and reduces the error risk at re-platforming.

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    Implement best-of-breed

    Only opt for the best. Amplify your platform with third-party modules or connect your own. Flexibly on- and offboard modules as needed.

SCAYLE. Now. Innovate. Always.

Seamlessly adapt to new challenges and be prepared for the future.