How ABOUT YOU Became One of Europe’s Largest Fashion Stores With Flexible Commerce Technology

Ambitious growth and expansion plans pose a challenge to any eCommerce retailer. ABOUT YOU chose a headless API-first approach – with astounding results. Today, ABOUT YOU is one of Europe’s largest fashion and lifestyle stores and is subject to continuous and sustainable growth. In the last years, ABOUT YOU achieved an increase of 85% in CAGR and a staggering 1.73 billion euros in group revenue in the fiscal year 2021/2022.

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Industry: Fashion

Use case: International B2C, Fulfillment & Customer Service


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One of Europe’s Fastest-Growing eCom Stores

ABOUT YOU was founded as a fashion store in 2014 and quickly became a major player in the European market. With fully localized shops in 26 countries, ABOUT YOU is now one of the largest fashion and lifestyle stores in Europe, counting more than 45 million unique active users per month. Customers can choose from over 500,000 items from over 3,500 brands.

ABOUT YOU aims to allow users to discover fashion in an inspirational and personalized way and to recreate the classic shopping stroll in a digital and mobile environment. The customer experience is continuously updated with new features, new content, and new and exciting brands and collaborations.


Scaling International Growth

From the very beginning, ABOUT YOU had ambitious expansion plans and high-quality expectations. The goal was to create a personalized online shopping experience – internationally. Today, it offers a fully localized customer experience in 26 countries, including local carriers, locally preferred payment methods, automatically translated content, and native-language customer support through all communication channels. A back end optimized for scaling with a modern, composable architecture enables ABOUT YOU to launch new markets in a matter of weeks – a game changer for fast-paced internationalization projects. Furthermore, an API-first approach gives ABOUT YOU the freedom to connect any features and applications, whether developed in-house or procured by third-party providers. The ability to flexibly adapt and perfect the customer experience makes it easy for ABOUT YOU to implement any online shopping trends, making the store future-proof.


Challenge Accepted

Setting up a solution that could handle ABOUT YOU’s ambitious growth goals posed the following challenges:

  1. Implementing a flexible, modern architecture to scale reliably
  2. Enabling fast international rollouts with a localized assortment
  3. Creating effective shop and order management processes


Best-Practice Solution

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Fast Results

>45M unique active users per month

>85% compound annual growth rate 2014-2021

>2500 influencer collaborations per month

>3500 brands currently in assortment in a hybrid model

ABOUT YOU launched 16 fully localized country shops in less than two years. We created a solution that makes market entries possible in a matter of weeks. In a rapidly changing industry, a composable commerce approach enables ABOUT YOU to flexibly adapt the store’s features to include new and exciting trends. A reliably scaling tech stack provides the basis for sustainable growth and allowed ABOUT YOU to achieve an increase of 85% in CAGR in the last few years.

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