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Technology | Shop Management Capabilities: Multi-Shop Management

One instance. Unlimited possibilities.

Access all information from one core to manage all shops globally. Define shop-specific configurations – for countries, devices, brand shops, marketplace channels, or dedicated B2B verticals.

  • Technologie Shop-ManagementCustomize shops or create them from scratch
  • Technologie Shop-Management Filter Use quick filters to create your case assortments
  • Technologie Shop-Management Multi-Shop Offer universal user accounts across shops
Technology | Shop Management: Multiple Shops, One Instance

Treat yourself to a conversion uplift for all your shops


Multi-Shop Handling

Centralize your shop management across all countries, devices, marketplaces, and verticals. Quick start shop-specific configurations with copy and customize.


Catalogue Management

Define category trees for automated product allocation. Trigger front-end logic and appearance and share category trees across shops if needed.


Marketing & Promotion

Use out-of-the-box features like rule-based product streams for recommendations, voucher management, and SEO settings. Apply sorting logic for any case.


Search & Filter

Offer your customers a powerful search with suggestions and auto-complete. Configure it and optimize the native shopping flow with attribute-based searches.

SCAYLE up your voucher game

Our intuitive wizard will guide you through a quick-and-easy process to unlock the potential of your incentivization.

  • Specify vouchers for customer groups, product segments, or order values
  • Adapt the amount, style, and validity
  • Use vouchers immediately
  • Display statistics in real-time
Technology | Shop Management Capabilities: Vouchers

A search built to find

Configure the powerful onsite search in detail and allow your customers to find what they are searching for.

  • auto-suggest and auto-complete
  • stem resolution to the word's root
  • synonyms & stop words
  • error tolerance definition
  • prioritization of searchable attributes
Technology | Shop Management Capabilities: Search Engine

No SCAYLE. No gain.

Excel in multi-shop management.

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