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SCAYLE | Customers: Front End for Different Brands

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SCAYLE | Customer: Deichmann Group

Level Up Your Omnichannel

Europe’s largest footwear retailer, the Deichmann Group, modernizes its infrastructure with SCAYLE’s complete back-end solution to connect its 4,200 stores, become a marketplace, and grow internationally with its brands DEICHMANN, Ochsner Sport, and van Haren.

SCAYLE | Customer: Fielmann

Grow With a Complex Product Landscape

Being a market leader in optics, Fielmann knows what it takes to grow with a complex assortment with thousands of variations. Thus, it chose a flexible technology, enabling a unique customer experience, including virtual try-ons and connected offline services.

SCAYLE | Customer: FC Bayern

Localize Customized Shopping

Soccer club FC Bayern chose SCAYLE to internationalize its retail business with localized experiences and customized fan offers (e.g., jersey configurator). It uses ABOUT YOU’s strategic expertise to jointly develop new lifestyle assortments.

SCAYLE | Customer: s.Oliver Group
logo-solivergroup GROUP

Leverage Multi-Shop Management

s.Oliver Group established a unified commerce platform for its brands s.Oliver, comma, and LIEBESKIND BERLIN. Thanks to easy multi-shop management, it efficiently bundles processes for fully localized brand shops and differentiating front ends.

SCAYLE | Customers: DEPOT

Turn Offline into Online Experiences

Home decor specialist DEPOT is known for its inspiring retail experience. With us, DEPOT extends this ambiance into the digital world. Seamless omnichannel with Click & Collect and a distinct brand feel.

SCAYLE | Customers: Marc O'Polo

Create True Omnichannel

Marc O'Polo uses our headless system for implementing sophisticated omnichannel strategies with Click & Collect, Click & Reserve, and in-store orders. Our multi-warehouse management will later enable a hybrid fulfillment model for store and online orders.

SCAYLE | Customer: Kapten & Son

Launch 8 Markets in 6 Months

Kapten & Son wanted to keep pace with the growing demand for its trendy accessories. So it opted for a high-performing infrastructure with flexible integrations, and low complexities. In less than six months, it launched eight markets and a European shop – in one go.

SCAYLE | Customers: DefShop

Go International With Proven Standards

Streetwear retailer DefShop turns the lifestyle of Gen Z into an international experience. It uses SCAYLE’s built-in capabilities like OMS and PIM to quickly scale its offer throughout Europe with localized shops and will become a marketplace with the same ease.


Reach 1.2 Billion in eCom Net Sales

Faced with growth-related pain points, we developed our own tech stack. Now, we are the fastest growing eCom store at scale with more than 90% growth p.a. in the past six years. Our solution is easily adjustable to other growth cases – so we made it publicly available.

SCAYLE Customer babymarkt

Outgrow Your Limits

Babymarkt, one of Europe’s leading retailers of baby articles, switches from a self-built solution to SCAYLE to reduce complexities and to focus on its frontend to improve customer experience and loyalty while growing internationally.

SCAYLE | Customers: Tom Tailor

Let your Brand Experience Stand Out

Lifestyle brand Tom Tailor was looking for a flexible commerce solution as well as a partner on an equal footing with extensive experience in fashion retail. Now, Tom Tailor can focus on differentiating their brand instead of focusing on their tech.

SCAYLE | Customer: Van Tilburg

Personalize Your Shopping Experience

The Netherland’s biggest independent fashion store is integrating its extensive retail expertise into their evolving eCommerce business. Thanks to modern, flexible shop technology, Van Tilburg Mode & Sport can offer a personalized omnichannel experience – offline and online.

SCAYLE | Customers: Lascana

Focus on your Product Assortment

Hassling with a custom-developed shop system, lingerie and swimwear specialist LASCANA hacked its challenging growth strategy by integrating SCAYLE within a 360° model – returning step by step to its primary means of concern: products and customers.

SCAYLE Customer LeGer

Create Modern Customer Experiences

LeGer is Germany's fastest-growing personal fashion label, founded by model Lena Gercke. LeGer stands for trendiness, confidence, and boldness. With SCAYLE, the brand now has the technology to reflect these values in a perfectly tailored customer experience.

SCAYLE | Customer: Why Not

Personalize Your Customer Experience

WhyNot links fashion and hip hop to Gen Z. The joint venture unites managers, artists and service providers with ABOUT YOU’s and SCAYLE’s expertise in a single platform. A platform that exactly matches the target group's interests and expectations.

SCAYLE | Customers: Otto Group

Ready yourself for the Future

As a retail group with a long omnichannel tradition, the Otto Group is aware of the importance of an innovative digital setup. Exchanging its fundamental legacy systems step by step with our modern ecosystem provides the needed flexibility for its future operations.

SCAYLE | Customers: BAUR

Clean up your Product Structure

Mail-order pioneer BAUR paved the way for its digitalization strategy when exchanging its legacy systems for a lean and high-performance architecture. Our PIM enables a clean and easily adaptable product structure of its massive assortment for various shops and devices.

SCAYLE | Customers: atelier GOLDNER

Focus on Your Brand Values

atelier GOLDNER is a pioneer in catalog retail. Known for its high-quality assortment and customer service, it leverages localized shops throughout Europe and state-of-the-art technology enabling it to focus on brand development.


Create your Brand Experience

Providing their customers with an eye-catching, personalized fashion experience is at the heart of EDITED’s vision of a virtual shopping stroll. Our flexible system enables innovative product presentations and the perfect fusion of analog and digital retail.

SCAYLE | Customers: Sieh An!

Keep your Customer Promises

Best-value retailer Sieh an! rejuvenated its customer experience with reliable traffic performance, lean shop management, and customized product refinement. The new platform enabled a data-driven multichannel approach matching audience’s expectations.

SCAYLE | Customers: Wäschepur

Get Ready for New Customers

Seeing as more non-digital audiences discover brands online, lingerie and nightwear specialist Wäschepur accelerated its digital transformation. Our modern modular ecosystem reduced complexities, enhanced performance, and yet retained the accustomed brand experience.

SCAYLE | Customers: Unito

Discover Market Opportunities

Online specialist Unito discarded its complex legacy systems to boost its growth potential. The new platform is highly scalable and target-oriented. It reduces complex processes, opens up future market opportunities and the freedom to customize as needed.

SCAYLE | Customers: Your Look... for less

Optimize Cross-Channel

Optimizing its digital ecosystem, Your Look… for less! migrated its Dutch and Swedish online shops to SCAYLE. Our high-performance back end provides the foundation for refined cross-channel strategies and consistent customer acquisition.

SCAYLE | Customer: Ambira

Increase Brand Awareness

Fashion retailer Ambria opted for our easily scalable eCommerce solution to start its digital transformation. Hence, it benefits from a unified infrastructure and simplified operations, leaving more time and resources for brand-specific customer experience and development.

SCAYLE | Customer: Heine

Implement Quality Assurance

Handling large data sets can pose a considerable challenge when establishing a high-quality structural foundation. Therefore, omnichannel retailer Heine exchanged dependencies for a modern headless architecture, a refined PIM, and easily adaptable shop management tools.

SCAYLE | Customers: Creation L

Build on a New Standard

Fashion retailer Creation L discards its custom-built shop system for our low-maintenance commerce solution. The new standardized yet customizable structure empowers the brand to provide an intuitive and boutique-style user experience and focus on a tailored assortment.

SCAYLE | Customers: Witt Group

Speed up Digital Transformation

As a mail-order pioneer, the Witt Group was challenged to unify complex catalog data and beloved brand images with changing customer expectations and touchpoints. The new ecosystem enables smart handling of product data, shop management, and customer service.

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