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Lower Your TCO
Boost Your 

Want to pay less when the market is tough? And reduce costly third-party integrations? With SCAYLE’s licensing model you can streamline your running costs and combine core functionalities with a modern, headless, and API-first approach. So you can cut costs and have more time to focus on growth.

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 How SCAYLE streamlines your TCO

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    Only pay for what you need

    Reduce third-party integrations and go to market sooner with out-of-the-box, ready-to-use functions, like shop management, PIM, checkout, OMS, omnichannel and marketplace capabilities.

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    Pay less when you make less

    We understand the ups and downs of retail. That’s why we offer a percentage-based pricing structure. This means licensing fees are tied to your overall transaction volume, so they automatically adjust based on how your business fluctuates.

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    Only pay for what you need

    Reduce your personnel costs by leaving back-end hosting, maintenance and ongoing development of our core system to us. That way, you can allocate your resources where they’re truly needed: developing a brand-worthy customer experience.

~ 0 % growth after migration

~ 0 % growth after migration

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Taylor your platform
to your business needs

SCAYLE offers higher flexibility with a lower overhead thanks to our modular headless architecture. Seamlessly integrate third-party or custom-built tools with our headless API, and attach a brand-optimized frontend. Accelerate your time-to-market and reduce external implementation and maintenance with our existing features and integrations. This way, you can focus on what makes your brand stand out: unique products, tailored consumer communications, and a personalized shopping experience. We’ll take care of the rest.

The ins and outs of keeping your TCO in check

Keeping up with changing market requirements is key for creating sustainable retail success. Optimizing your running costs is part of that. Learn more about how reducing your TCO can help in this detailed guide.

What is SCAYLE?

SCAYLE is a flexible B2C SaaS enterprise shop system built on a headless and API-first architecture. An extensive feature set, including PIM, Shop Management, Checkout, and OMS, is combined with an intuitive UI. Our headless architecture makes it easy and flexible to connect existing or new functions. Our shop management system makes everyday work easier for our customers and relieves them of work through automated quality checks. And: SCAYLE is designed for growth. Our system scales reliably across the whole system and all integrations and can handle extreme workloads during peak times.

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