SCAYLE: Born from retail DNA

SCAYLE is unique in its ability to understand and deliver upon the needs of digital commerce across the whole retail chain. But what's the secret sauce? It is our Retail DNA, refined and honed at ABOUT YOU, our ‘birth place’ and one of Europe's fastest-growing online fashion platforms. With SCAYLE, other B2C companies have the opportunity to benefit from these unique skills and experiences.

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Rooted in Retail: From ABOUT YOU to SCAYLE

Born from the innovative minds behind ABOUT YOU, SCAYLE is more than just technology. Originally developed for the newly launched online fashion store ABOUT YOU in 2014, it is now a publicly available enterprise commerce platform specialized on B2C. And ABOUT YOU is one of the biggest online fashion stores in Europe, culminating in an more than 85% Compound Annual Growth Rate 2014-2021. ABOUT YOU delivers an engaging shopping experience in more than 25 countries for more than 45 million unique active users per month. This incredible journey, backed by a modern tech stack, formed the foundation for SCAYLE, a brand committed to enabling others to replicate such successes and to drive innovation in commerce.

Operational Excellence

Embodying its origins, SCAYLE inherited its retail DNA. Having powered ABOUT YOU's fast-paced expansion, SCAYLE has gained invaluable lessons and hands-on experience. This isn't theoretical knowledge — it's operational excellence. A significant part of the team is made up of dedicated developers, constantly advancing our e-commerce platform to launch new features.

Rather than being just another provider, SCAYLE is part of the market, refining its offerings based on firsthand experience. This ensures our solution isn't static but evolves, fostering innovation and meeting the exacting demands of modern e-commerce.

Our Differentiators

SCAYLE is a flexible B2C SaaS enterprise shop system built on a headless and API-first architecture. An extensive feature set, including PIM, Shop Management, Checkout, and OMS, is combined with an intuitive UI. Our headless architecture makes it easy and flexible to connect existing or new functions. Our shop management system makes everyday work easier for customers and relieves them of work through automated quality checks. And: SCAYLE is designed for growth. Our system scales reliably across the whole system and all integrations and can handle extreme workloads during peak times.

High impact and flexibility at low overhead

Thanks to modular headless architecture, third-party or custom-built tools can be flexibly connected via API so you can tailor your platform according to your needs. You can also make use of many pre-existing integrations, accelerating your time to market and cutting your efforts for implementation and maintenance.

This way, you can focus on what makes your brand stand out from the competition: unique products, direct interaction between customers and brand or the design of the shopping experience. Our Commerce Engine takes care of the rest.

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In Good Company: Brands navigating the Nordics with SCAYLE

Partnering up with SCAYLE is more than just joining a platform; it's about entering a circle of leading enterprise brands. Brands such as FC Bayern, Marc O'Polo, Deichmann and Fielmann have all experienced the profound transformation SCAYLE offers in tech and eCommerce knowledge.

Meet our customers

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Do you aim to enhance your profitability, lower TCO, and expand your global presence while navigating through the economic challenges of today's market? With SCAYLE as your trusted partner, you'll gain the support needed to achieve these goals. Take advantage not only of our modern architecture but also of our extensive market knowledge.

Martin Kamphav Country Manager Nordics

The nordic B2C eCommerce landscape is a challenging playing field. The market is mature and limited, facing a challenging macro environment, intensified by stiff competition and its unique set of complexities. With SCAYLE, you are equipped to address those very challenges, ensuring efficiency and your path to profitability. We are here not just as your next state of the art tech provider but also as a trusted advisory ally.

Shape Tomorrow Together: Let's Talk SCAYLE

With every collaboration, SCAYLE evolves, advancing its capabilities and defining a new standard for eCom platforms. Together, we unlock and amplify the full potential of your brand. Let's connect and explore the possibilities!

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SCAYLE Recognized in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

SCAYLE was recognized in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce.

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