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SCAYLE | Partners: Expertise by Experience

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SCAYLE is not just another tech provider. We combine state-of-the-art shop technology with actual operational retail expertise. Let the experts behind one of Europe’s largest eCom brands drive your business growth and make their best practices your starting point.

 Effortlessly localize your user experience

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    Gain a commerce partner with years of operational expertise.

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    Mutual exchange

    Gain a commerce partner with years of operational expertise.

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    Learn from our holistic eCom experts and their extensive best practices.

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    24/7 support

    Benefit from round the clock end-to-end commerce and tech support.

What is SCAYLE?

SCAYLE is a flexible B2C SaaS enterprise shop system built on a headless and API-first architecture. An extensive feature set, including PIM, shop management, checkout, and OMS, is combined with an intuitive UI. Our headless architecture makes it easy and flexible to connect existing or new functions. Our shop management system makes everyday work easier for our customers and relieves them of work through automated quality checks. And: SCAYLE is designed for growth. Our system scales reliably across the whole system and all integrations and can handle extreme workloads during peak times.

High impact and flexibility at low overhead

Thanks to modular headless architecture, third-party or custom-built tools can be flexibly connected via API so you can tailor your platform according to your needs. You can also make use of many existing integrations, accelerating your time to market and cutting your efforts for implementation and maintenance. This way, you can focus on what makes your brand stand out from the competition: unique products, direct interaction with your target audience, or personalizing the shopping experience. Our Commerce Engine takes care of the rest.

SCAYLE your commerce with our engine

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